These are blog posts about parenting lessons learned through interactions with my own children:

Those Darned Socks
In which Laura does some soul-searching about materialism and living a simpler life.

My Son, The Marine
In which Laura and Karyn struggle to come to terms with Bryan’s decision to enlist in the marines.

Busted By My Four-Year-Old
In which Eli accuses Laura of not being fully present, an offense she is entirely guilty of.

Teaching Peace
In which Laura and Karyn take a small step toward a more peaceful household.

Mama Kisses
In which Eli’s kisses become too intimate and Laura learns the importance of setting clear boundaries.

A Parental Paradox
In which Laura faces the paradox of wanting children more than life itself, and then, just as strongly, needing to get away.

The Chickenpox Blues
In which Eli pushes every button Laura has and she has to admit there are times she does not like her son.

Losing My Mind
In which Laura details all the things she’s lost since her third child, Lizzy was born.

The Love Bomb
In which Laura and Eli creatively explore a four-year-old’s obsession with big guns.

Ouch! Stop Hurting Me!
In which Eli keeps physically hurting Laura and she struggles to figure it out.

The Big Bug — February 1998
In which Laura and Eli have a building frenzy with K’nex™.

What’s Heterosexual? — March 1998
In which Laura scrambles to answer Eli’s first questions about homosexuality.

I Don’t Want To Go, Mama
In which Laura grapples with being the extroverted mother of an introverted child.

Mama, You Hurt My Feelings
In which Laura once again learns to listen to her children and apologize when she blows it.

Laura’s Last Column?
In which Eli asks Laura to stop writing her column and Laura struggles with what to do.

Mama, Can I Get A Sticker Now?
In which a sticker chart helps Justin learn kindness toward his younger sister.

The Art of Do-overs
In which Vicky teaches Justin how to turn things around when two people have their heels dug in.

I Don’t Want To Go To Kindergarten
In which Justin expresses the growth ambivalence most of us experience when faced with major life changes.

The Big Heist
In which Justin mysteriously “finds” fifteen dollars, and Vicky has to talk to him about taking things that aren’t his.

Sick As A Dog And Still On Duty
In which Laura comments on the daunting challenge of being sick and still having to take care of the kids.

Weaning Emily
In which Laura weans a reluctant toddler from the breast.

It’s Not Fair!
In which Vicky tries to come to terms with Justin’s complaints that his little sister always gets more of Mama Vicky’s attention than he does.

The Carseat Wars — February 1999
In which Vicky struggles with two-year-old Emily, who refuses to get in her carseat.

Justin Learns to Ride a Bike — March 1999
In which Vicky watches in delight as Justin master a two-wheeler.

I’ve Lost My Trust In You
In which Vicky is forced to confront her own rage and help Justin learn to deal with his.

Justin counts!
In which Justin proudly counts up to a thousand and Vicky reflects on children’s readiness to learn.

Sick Kids at School
In which Vicky wrestles with whether to send a sick kid to school so she can go to work.

Massage Night
In which Vicky saves a deteriorating evening by introducing the concept of massage night.

Making Decisions
In which Vicky uses an early morning argument as a way to teach Justin about the process of making decisions.

The Sandwich Generation
In which Vicky is faced with juggling the needs of her aging father and her two young children in a scary urban environment.

The Wishing Tree
In which Vicky and Joan teach Justin and Emily about the importance of having a special tree.

Weaning Emily Again
In which Laura decides to wean her last child, Emily, a month before her third birthday.

Weaning Emily, Take III
In which Emily expresses her grief, anger and bewilderment at being weaned, and Laura must contend with a shift in her daughter’s sunny disposition.

I’m a Bad Person — February 2000
In which Laura helps Justin deal with feelings of self-hatred after making a mistake.

Harry Potter — March 2000
In which Laura and Justin dive into the world of Harry Potter.

When Emily Goes Over the Rainbow
In which Laura, who is rested from a night out, is able to deal with a cranky, irrational daughter with the kind of generosity and grace that come from having a full tank.

Playing Cards with Emily
In which Laura explores the different ways her three-year-old Emily and seven-year-old Justin approach playing games.

Justin’s Snuggy Tank
In which Justin gets a lesson in filling the empty places we all have inside

Mama, You Plan Too Much
In which Laura is confronted with two members of her family whose needs for solitude and quiet time at home far surpass hers.

Swimming Lessons
In which Laura finally acquiesces to her daughter’s desire to quit swimming lessons.

Grandpa’s Ashes
In which Laura, Joan, and their daughter Emily go to pick up Grandpa’s ashes.

Fire Story
In which Laura, Joan and the kids wake up at 4:00 A.M. with their house on fire.

Taking Inventory
In which Laura reflects on her family’s belongings in the aftermath of the fire.

Point and Grunt
In which Laura discusses the hidden message that often lies beneath kids’ difficult behavior.

Risk — February 2001
In which Laura ponders the ethics of playing warlike board games with seven-year-olds.

Big Rocks, Little Rocks — March 2001
In which Laura remembers how important it is to prioritize the important things in life.

New School
In which Laura has to deal with Justin’s reaction when he’s told he’s going to a new school.

In which Laura rediscovers the value of slowing down and stopping the frantic pace of life.

A Child’s Grief
In which Laura learns to follow the meandering path a child’s grief sometimes takes.

Mom’s Friends
In which Laura takes stock of the ways she must redefine friendship in the wake of motherhood.

Whose Vacation Is This Anyway?
In which Laura experiences the conflicting expectations that wreak havoc on family vacations.

The Wall They Bounce Off Of
In which Justin starts a new school and Vicki learns, once again, that she can’t make his feelings go away.

After The World Has Changed
In which Vicky struggles to make sense of the world after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Harry Potter For Dummies
In which Vicky and her kids soundly trounce Joan in a game of Harry Potter trivia.

But I Have To Do My Homework!
In which Laura and Joan make Justin go to bed before his homework is done and all hell breaks tracking