6 09, 2015

Kid’s Grandfather Dies: Teaching Kids About Death


Grandpa’s Ashes

My father died two weeks ago, his partner Regina and I by his side. Ever since, I’ve been driving back and forth to San Francisco to their space at Project Artaud to be close to her, near Albert’s energy and to share our grief. Yesterday, Joan and Emily and I drove up to […]

6 09, 2015

How to Teach Kids to Swim

My youngest kids are both like fish. They love the water, as I did when I was a child, and they can’t get enough of it. This summer I’ve been taking them to the Simpkin Family Swim Center for lessons. Justin is a Barracuda, working on endurance and improving his strokes. Emily, who’s three-and-a half, […]

6 09, 2015

I’m a Control Freak My Kids Tell Me!

It’s late on a Sunday night. Joan and I are lying in bed having one of those repetitive arguments we’ve had for ten years. You know the kind I mean-where you could push a button on a tape recorder and play “Unresolved Issue Number 213,” and neither of you have to say another word. The […]

6 09, 2015

Busted By My 4-Year-Old


For the last week or so, every time we drive around in the car, Eli has been calling out from the back seat in a melodic singsong, “Ma-ma, where ARE you?”
And each time I’ve answered, “Right here, Eli.”
Then a few minutes later, the question comes again. “Ma-ma, where ARE you?”
The twentieth time this happened, I […]

6 09, 2015

My Son Loves Cuddling

I’m tucking Justin in for the night. I’m stretched out beside him in a spoon position, all cuddled up. Justin’s been talking about his snuggy tank being low lately, and he’s been asking for a lot more snuggies. I’ve been trying to oblige, cuddling more and having more extended pillow talk before bed. Tonight, while […]

6 09, 2015

Playing Card with My Kids

It’s Sunday morning. Joan’s off at yoga. Justin is still asleep. Emily and I are the only ones up. She says, “Let’s play, I Spy Go Fish.” It’s a hip version of the old card game-full of neat, artistic pictures of fire trucks, pine cones, frogs, doggies, clowns, bees, and other things. There’s two of […]

6 09, 2015

Over the Rainbow

Betty Lou, a wonderful, generous caregiver at Emily’s school has offered a special evening of night-time childcare so those of us who want to can have a parents’ night out. Siblings are invited too, so we drop both kids off at 5:30. Betty Lou feeds them, provides books, art activities, cosy cushions and blankets, story […]

6 09, 2015

My Kids Love Harry Potter


For the last three weeks, Justin and I have been immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter. For months I avoided the books, sure there was something wrong with them if half the world was reading them. But finally, I succumbed and bought the first book for Justin as a Chanukah present. It sat […]

6 09, 2015

How to Tell Your Child They are Not a Bad Person


It’s bedtime. I’m making one last phone call to arrange for some childcare. Justin starts playing with the base of the phone and disconnects my call. I try the phone again. It’s broken. It’s late, I’m tired, and Emily was just screaming in my ear that I had to be the one to put her […]

6 09, 2015

Weaning My Child off Nursing


Last year, at about this time, I wrote about weaning my daughter Emily. At that time, I cut out nursing at night, and limited her to three nurses a day. We’ve continued like that for the past year. Now Emily is almost three and my body is tired. I’ve gotten sick recently, I’m under stress […]