Even on days when weather is not a friend of mine and my hands could not be fuller, as soon as I manage to get everyone and everything in the front door, my house feels transformatively complete if one of my bundles is a new package of diapers!  There is an aroma in the home of organization and preparedness that makes me feel so calm. Unfortunately this odor of order is merely a temporary tranquility since little ones plow threw diapers as quick as I can polish off a family sized bag of chips.

The need for diapers in a mom’s life goes hand in hand with the want for sleep. This is one item on my shopping list that is never completely crossed off. Whenever I enter the letter ‘d’  in my phone or computer the tech world assumes that I am referring to diapers. You would think being such an expert at dressing a diaper in lickety split time and in the oddest settings and surroundings that  I would be able to avoid by now the fear stricken panic of reaching in that diaper package only to feel just one left! My little one is about to wear the very last diaper in the house! Literally a walking ticking time bomb!

Shoot to the store!

There is a very small window to save face (or butt) when your child is cladding the last diaper of the house. You almost want to institute an immediate fast from food and liquids in order to preserve that solo diaper until you can grab another package. Will the diaper survive the trip to the store or will it leak all over the car seat? If travels are safe and dry there is still the danger of the diaper giving way while placing your little one in the shopping cart.  A yellow puddle could slowly drip off the seat and through the cracks of the carriage leaving a liquid trail of your poor planning all the way to the diaper isle.

Is there time?

Your mind flashes back to exactly what had your cutie had eaten that day and calculates the chances of the arrival of a poopy package in the last surviving diaper. This invisible yet potent trial leading to the diapers isle doesn’t have to be as failure branding and can be easily masked by grabbing a few air fresheners off the shelves and throwing them in your cart for the ride.

How to Save on Diapers

As busy as we are a small bit of planning will go a long way to avoid any diaper dilemmas. Finding discounts on diapers can not only save you a few dollars it might also save you time. Here are some tips on saving money on diapers.

Order Online

One growing popular method of keeping diapers stocked in your house is ordering online. May seem extreme at first, but for some moms this might be the best way to keep above float with all the peeing.

Amazon Mom Club

Amazon has a moms club where you sign up for free and receive a 15% percent discount on all diaper orders. They carry all the popular brands names and calculate the price per diaper cost for you making your order decision even easier. The shipping is usually within 2 days and is free! Amazon also has an ‘open box’ selection where you can find diapers for additional discounted prices. These boxes of diapers are usually just dented or torn.

While online, take advantage of the programs that the top brand diapers offer. Might as well earn points while your child poops!

Clipping Coupons

An oldie but goodie method in finding discounts on diapers is coupon clipping. Diaper coupons usually range from $1.00-$5.00 off making it well worth the effort. Many coupons are paperless and can be scanned right from your cell phone. Coupons can also be found in all the parent magazines and local Sunday newspapers.

Sale Hopping

The Sunday newspaper also has local stores sale flyers listing what diaper discounts are happening for the week. There is always a sale somewhere on at least one of the top brands each week. Disposable diaper days are not the time to be loyal to just one brand or one store.

Generic brands or store brands have improved their diaper products drastically and can be a huge saver! As long as they do their job and don’t irritate your little one’s skin you could save on average $4.00 per package.

Membership Clubs

Membership stores such as Sam’s, Costco and BJ’s sell diapers by the case. The annual membership is usually $50.00 (breaking down to about $1.00 a week) which you will earn back in no time with their discounted prices. These stores have great kid friendly shopping carts and free samples to ease the shopping outing. Bulking up on diapers by the case has the benefit of discount in price as well as a mark down on time spent on shopping trips.

Alternative Approaches

If you have more than one wearing diapers, sporting two different sizes and money is tight try purchasing one size package on an alternating week schedule as to not break the bank all at once.

By keeping track of your child’s peeing and pooping timing and frequency you can fine tune when they will really need changing. A half soiled diaper is an opportunity missed!

The Real Savings: YOUR TIME

True beneficial discounts reflect not only in monetary savings but in saving time as well. Mothers have so little time to spare and absolutely none to waste! It is not worth saving a few dollars on a no name diaper that gives your angel a rash resulting in lost happy times together! These diapers discounts are not one size fits all. One method may work for some of us, yet the same technique might create more effort for others. I hope one of these strategies help make your jammed packed busy day a little lovelier.