How to Swaddle your Baby

Swaddling (wrapping) your baby makes them feel secure and calm, so is a good way to get them settled.  It reminds them of the feeling of being warm and safe in the womb, so for those initial weeks in the world it provides security and a familiar feeling for them.

A new baby also needs time […]

The Best Way to Tie Kid’s Shoelaces

Over dinner one night, I met up with my cousin Ian, who’d just come back from trekking in Nepal. He showed me several rolls of great photos and then taught me a foolproof way to tie shoes; one that precludes the need for double knots forever. He said he’d used it every day on his […]

Parenting Topics

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How to Train Your Child to Move from a Crib to a Bed

“Moving Out Of A Crib”

:My two-year-old daughter spent her first night in her “big girl” bed! When she’s awake she seems to enjoy playing in it but still fussed when it came down to actually going to sleep. Do you have any suggestions for getting her to sleep in her bed on her own?
Transitioning to […]

Resources: Good Websites for Parents and Kids


AOL Net Find Kids Only. A search engine that links to sites that are safe for kids. The Awesome Library for Teachers, Students and Parents. The Awesome Library organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web with 12,000 carefully reviewed resources. You type in who you are: teacher, kid, teen, parent, librarian or community, […]

Child Always Asking Me To Buy Him Things


“Responding To Children Who Want To Buy Everything”

My 8-Year-Old son, Ricardo, wants to buy everything he sees. One minute he wants the newest action figure, the next minute he wants a remote control car. I don’t mind buying him some of these things, but some of these toys are so violent, I don’t want […]

How Much Allowance to Give Kids?

“Giving Kids An Allowance”

My seven-year-old daughter, Tiffany, has been asking for an allowance. Two of her best friends get allowances and she wants one too. I want Tiffany to learn the value of money, yet I wonder if she’s too young for an allowance. I’m afraid she’ll fritter it all away on candy and […]

Parenting Topics: Table of Contents

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