New Kid Snubbed By Playmates

“New Kid Snubbed By Playmates


There are probably many differences between Australia and the United States. Even though your family was “up” for the adventure, it must be quite an adjustment for all of you. And it can be devastating as a parent to see your child struggling and to feel like there isn’t anything you […]

Child Won’t Sleep in Own Bed

“5-Year-Old Sleeping With Dad”

: My granddaughter is five-years-old. She moved directly from the crib to her parent’s bed, where she is still sleeping. She will not sleep in her own bed. My son is now separated from his wife and has primary custody of the child. My granddaughter continues to sleep with her father. I […]

My Child Pretends to Be an Animal

“Pretend Play”

:What causes a three-year-old to pretend to be an elephant? My child is obsessed with this animal.

Young children beginning around the age of two, and throughout the elementary grades are fascinated with fantasy or pretend play. This kind of play allows children to explore their imaginations and gain understanding of the world through recreating […]

Concern About Sexual Abuse Done by Another Child to My Child

“Concern About Sexual Abuse”

: I hope you can help me with my very serious problem. This evening, my 5-1/2-yr-old daughter asked me to use some Desitin on her. I use it on her 9-month-old sister and I used it on her one other time recently when she had been too rough with her washcloth.
I noticed […]

Advice for a New Stepparent

“New Stepparent Looking For Advice”

Your thoughtfulness about the upcoming change for this child will be very helpful as everyone makes the transition. I assume you have met and spent some time with your boyfriend’s son, if not, that would be an important first step. A four-year-old doesn’t fully understand the dynamics of adult relationships, so […]

How Old Does My Child Have to Be to Be Read To

“Reading To A 7-Month-Old”

: I read in many books that it is now time to read aloud to my 7-month-old daughter. They say it doesn’t matter what I read-that I just have to put her on my knees and read aloud. The problem is that whenever I try this Marta reaches out to grab […]

How to Stop My Child from Swearing

“4-Year-Old Cursing A Blue Streak”

My 4-year-old has been calling me a “dummy” and his sister a “poo-poo head” whenever he’s upset. Mostly I’ve tried to ignore it, but lately, he’s upped the ante and has started using grown-up swear words. I can’t imagine where he’s picked them up, and I don’t really think he knows […]

Help: My Toddler Has Become Moody

“Toddler Struggling With Changes”

:My nineteen-month-old daughter has just recently become extremely irritable. She is content for only a minute or two and then becomes very fussy. I have just recently gone part-time at my job. Prior to last month, she was with my husband’s aunt and four other children while my husband and I both […]

Getting into Angry Arguments with My 8-year old Child

“Getting Into Angry Fights With My 8-Year-Old”

: I cannot seem to discipline My 8-Year-Old daughter without a huge fight. She gets angry, then I get angry and we both say things that should not be said. I feel she doesn’t have respect for me. I don’t want this to become something we carry over […]

Child Doesn’t Want My Help Anymore

“9-Year-Old Doesn’t Want My Help Anymore”

:My nine-year old daughter has been taking piano lessons for three years. She and I have shared an interest in the piano ever since she was big enough to sit on my lap and hammer on the keys. For the past few years, I’ve sat with her when she is […]