My Toddler Is Not Attached to Me

“Toddler Not Interested In Mama”


There are several possible explanations for your son’s behavior, many of which fit with normal, healthy child development and are not indicative of a child’s failed attachment. Children sometimes prefer one parent to another because of a “temperament” match. A child who is busy, high energy and gregarious may prefer a […]

How to Handle My Child’s Separation Anxiety

“7-Year-Old Revisiting Separation Anxiety”

: I am the single mother of a 7-year-old girl. Up until last July my daughter was very happy to go to school, childcare, and on day trips and overnight stays with her aunt. Last July, that changed literally overnight. She began to cry anytime she was separated from me for any […]

Online Support for Parents

The Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education (AllPIE). AllPIE is a nonprofit organization which assists and encourages parental involvement in education, wherever that education takes place: in public school, in private school, or at home. Site includes newsletter, conference information, links to education sites and more.

All One Heart. A website dedicated to celebrating diversity and […]

Helping Toddlers Play Successfully


“Helping Toddlers Play Successfully”

:I am the parent of a one-year-old boy and am trying to get some answers regarding his behavior. He is 14-months-old and I quit working to stay home and raise him. He has interaction with other children close to his age about twice a week. When another child tries to take a […]

Helping Children Work Through Conflict

“Helping Children Work Through Conflict”

I’m feeling really inadequate. Every time my three-year-old gets into a fight with her friends or her brother, I feel tongue-tied and frustrated. I know there must be things I can do to help them, but I haven’t yet figured them out. I don’t want to “solve” every problem for them, […]

What’s The Difference Between Praise vs Acknowledgement

“Praise versus Acknowledgment”

: Can you explain the relationship between acknowledgement and praise? Can you help me to understand how to use this concept with a 15 month old?

This question is a very important one since it can be very confusing to sort out the difference between praise and acknowledgment. Parents have many ways to […]

My Little Girl Wants to Shave Her Legs

: My 11-year-old daughter has been insistent lately about wanting to shave her legs. She tells me that she is the only one in middle school who isn’t shaving her legs and that people can see the hair on her legs from miles away (all three strands.) I have been talking to her for years […]

At What Age Should You Teach Your Child to Read?

:My sister and brother-in-law have taught their 3-year-old to read and to do simple calculations already! A lot of their play has centered around letter learning. Does it seem early to be stressing this kind of learning? Could he be missing out on other forms of play if he is spending so much time learning […]

Resources for Parents

We had a lot of fun putting this Internet Resource List together. It is by no means comprehensive, but it includes our favorite places to visit. We’ve included some sites because they’re beautiful or fun to browse, others because they include essential information, and still others because they represent organizations we think you should know […]

My 5-Year-Old Doesn’t Want To Go To School

: I have a 5-year-old boy who has just started school. He is crying and I have to physically put him on the bus. Before school in the morning he complains of a stomach-ache or of being tired. He gets plenty of sleep, at least 10 hours. He is fine when he gets to school […]