Parenting Advice for New Moms

Being a new mom is hectic, stressful and chaotic.  Your whole life gets turned upside down and often parenting doesn’t turn out quite like you anticipated pre-baby.

Here’s a selection of advice on some common situations you might face as a new mom.  However, the number one rule is to trust your instincts:

Moms (and Dads) don’t […]

Best Resources for Parents

The ABC’s of Safe and Healthy Childcare. An online handbook for child care providers by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control. A comprehensive resource to help child care providers reduce sickness, injury, and other health problems in child care facilities. Includes fact sheets on childhood diseases and conditions, […]

Resources for Dads and Fathers

Resources for Fathers


At-Home Dad. A quarterly newsletter promoting the home-based father. Created by an at-home dad for the purpose of providing connections and resources for the 2 million fathers who stay home with their children.The Fatherhood Project. The Fatherhood Project is a national research and education project that is examining the future of fatherhood and […]

Husband Undermines My Authority In Front of Child

“Separated Parents Struggling To Respect Each Other”

:My husband and I have a beautiful 16-month-old daughter. She is the absolute joy of our life and we are trying so hard to do everything right for her. Of course we are far from perfect but her best interest is our absolute priority. Without going into a lot […]

Toddler Cries Whenever Other Children Cry

“Toddler Cries Whenever Other Children Cry”

: I was wondering if anyone has experienced what my 23-month-old daughter does each time a playmate or small child cries. She will burst out in hysterical crying fits whenever someone else cries. Even though she herself isn’t hurt, she still gets very upset when she sees someone crying. This […]

New Parent: Should I Go Back to Work?

: I’m seven months pregnant with my first child. I’m a single mom and I need to work. I want this baby more than anything in the world, and I’ve always known I’d have to go back to work. I’ve arranged with my boss to take two months off after the baby is born, and […]

Friendship Triangle With 7-Year-Old Boys

“Friendship Triangle With 7-Year-Old Boys”

: My son is in a summer camp with his best friend, Mike, from school. However, this boy has another friend, Ben, at the same camp and both he and my son want Mike all to themselves. My son comes home dejected, saying he hates camp, hates Ben, and that he […]

How to Deal with an Angry Child

Angry 9-Year-Old”

: I have a 9 year-old stepson with a very angry temper. When he is getting scolded for doing something wrong (like pulling his sister’s hair), he yells at me and curses and sometimes throws things. I have given him time-outs. I have made him write 100 times that he will be respectful. Nothing […]

How to Stop My Child from Stealing


“8-Year-Old Caught Stealing”

:I am really worried about my 8-year-old son. He recently came home with a new Pokemon card stashed in his pant’s pocket. When I saw that he was trying to hide something, I asked him what it was. After considerable questioning he told me that he had taken if from his friend. This, […]

Baby Struggling With New Baby In Childcare

“Baby Struggling With New Baby In Childcare”

: I have a 7 1/2-month-old daughter. She was very happy in childcare until her child care provider started watching another infant. Every time the infant cries my daughter starts screaming and crying and it is very difficult to calm her down. Her child care provider has been […]